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In Transit

My chapbook, In Transit, is live on Amazon! Do I feel morally conflicted about being bound to this tech giant? Yes. Was it the only form of self-publishing I could afford? Also yes. After a year of receiving positive responses on my manuscript from different independent publishers and chapbook competitions---even placing as a finalist for the Kallisto Gaia Contemporary Poetry Chapbook Prize last spring---I realized that the thing holding me back from self-publishing was mostly ego, wanting to win, to publish in a "legitimate" way. But I'd rather have a print copy for y'all now than an ego trip later. So here they are, my 24 poems and one lyric essay on change, and longing, and loneliness (eight of the poems are set in the car, in motion).

I'm excited to share this collection with you, especially right now, in such a tumultuous and distant time. Hopefully it brings you some quiet moments of reflection and connection. Here's the description I linked on Amazon:

"With poems of indeterminacy, motion and place, In Transit invites readers on small journeys: on afternoon drives, on springtime walks, and into alternate universes."

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