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That Time I Wrote a Book

(...well, the preface, intro, & one chapter of a book.)

To graduate from Seattle Pacific University's honors college, students are required to present a final project, usually in the form of a thesis. My thesis, exploring the intersections of erotic devotional poetry & neoplatonism (read: pomegranates & drudgery), evolved into a book project. Turns out I have a knack for turning an enormous amount of complex history & philosophy into short, teachable chapters.

If you have any interest in theology, the evolution of platonic ideals into cartesian dualism, poetry, or even a little history lesson, I invite you to read the draft of my manuscript that I presented. (Don't worry, Manichaeism will get more screen time in my next draft.)

Until SPU updates their links in Digital Commons, you can find my thesis here.

Somebody needs to read this & tell me to finish the book. (Other than my profs---y'all are biased & your goading is obviously ineffective.)

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